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Gammadata and Coherent


Gammadata and Coherent have decided that our long-term collaboration for laser systems and measurement equipment will cease at the end of March 2022. Our strategic growth and client demands are such that our businesses are developing in different directions.

From April 1st all Coherent business will be managed by Mr Mikael Winters. Please address Coherent related inquiries to ( However, orders with Gammadata awaiting delivery will be fulfilled with warranty/service commitments as agreed. 

We thank all our customers for the trust you have shown us during all these years and we wish good luck to Mikael. 

We, at Gammadata, will continue to assist you with optical tables from TMC in order to remove the vibrations of your photonics lab or production plan.  

Gammadata have also many decades of experience in advanced spectroscopy and are investing and developing in new and exciting areas within this field where the very latest technology is needed to fulfil our clients’ expectations. This movement is very positive as it will focus and strengthen the service & support we offer to our Nordic area customers.

We want to emphasize that Gammadata will continuously provide the service, support and spare parts of Coherent lasers. All service agreements will remain in place. The installation and warranty coverage of new units ordered before March 31st will be handled by Gammadata.

You can explore the wide range of products and services that we can offer on our homepage designed to help you navigate with ease and we hope you enjoy discovering the very latest developments in the fields of Materials Characterisation, Microscopy & Spectroscopy and Radiation Detection.